Our Vision

Our vision As a Church, we’re committed to following Jesus and living our lives as an expression of our obsession with Him. Obsession is kind of a strong word, but we use it intentionally. It means that our belief is not just one of many aspects of our lives or empty spiritual ritual, and it means that our belief translates into action. That action means that we don’t want to be big talkers, we want to actually be like Jesus to everyone in our lives.

Our obsession and actions are based on a really critical idea: The knowledge that Jesus was God, and that He was and is the very truth of God, and because of that, He’s the only way to really know God. We believe that we grow in our relationship with Jesus through His truth expressed in the Bible, and we recognize the Bible as the only true word of God. We affirm the value of each and every follower of Jesus, by encouraging and supporting wherever they are in their walk with God, and by acknowledging the unique abilities God has created in all people. We believe that when we do this, the community of believers becomes the Church as God intends it; a place of God’s design where we become more and more like Jesus, and where we serve each other like Jesus did.

This can seem pretty counter-cultural, in that most of what we see and experience around us is geared towards a definition of success that generally involves self- promotion and achievement, and rarely involves serving others’ needs. But when we choose to serve each other like Jesus, we encounter people where they are, and the love of Jesus becomes the enduring memory of our encounters with each other. We believe that when people encounter Jesus through the authentic lives of His followers, they’ll be changed through their own relationship with Him. This change happens when we personally surrender our lives, which then leads to being engaged with other followers in a deeper pursuit of Jesus, and this in turn impacts our communities in real, practical ways. As a result, God’s presence becomes known in our community, our city, and ultimately, our world.

If any of this causes any questions for you, or if you’d like to talk further about who we are and what stand for, please get in touch through any of the ways listed on our Contact page.

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