About Us

New Here?

If you’re new to West Valley, you probably have questions. Who are we? Why do we do what we do? When and where do we meet? Who does what? How can I know more? Check out some of the following - This should give you a good feel for what West Valley is all about!

Who We Are

Who is West Valley? Well, it’s pretty simple - West Valley is a church committed to knowing Jesus. Why is that important? Because knowing Jesus changes everything, and we mean literally everything. Following him is the single most revolutionary decision we can ever make with our lives. That decision means a journey that redefines how we view ourselves, our relationships with our families and communities, our ambitions, the ups and downs in life, and what it means to know God at all. West Valley is a community where we can be real with each other; dedicated to being open, honest, encouraging, and caring in our interactions. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your story, your past, your questions, doubts or struggles.

Our Vision

As a Church, we’re committed to following Jesus and living our lives as an expression of our obsession with Him. Obsession is kind of a strong word, but we use it intentionally. It means that our belief is not just one of many aspects of our lives or empty spiritual ritual, and it means that our belief translates into action. That action means that we don’t want to be big talkers, we want to actually be like Jesus to everyone in our lives.

Our Values

You might have seen our mission on the homepage: People accepted...Lives Changed. Changed lives engaged to impact our community. We want to help each other know God better, and because of that, to become people who serve each other and our community in all kinds of ways that make a difference. These values all stem from a belief that God is the creator and sustainer of everything that’s good and worth pursuing in life. We don’t have a lot of rules and regulations around here, but if you’re interested, you can find out more about our core beliefs here:

Our Team

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